Mandelbrot Set


Project: Mandelbrot Set / Julia Set

Category: Fractals of complex numbers recursion

Project_15: 1000/46/158/1640/98.

Programming Language:Java

Works on: Windows

This program describes Mandelbrot sets as fractals, using a complex plan, in which the axes represent the real part and the imaginary part of each complex number 


Project: 3D Spirograph

Category: Hypotrochoid & Epitrochoid geometry

Programming Language:C++

Project_25: 0/005/0/001/0/0121.

Works on: Windows

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This program creates 3D spirographs. The user controls the spirograph's definition, the speed and the camera (dynamic orientation)

Langton's Ant

Project: Langton's Ant

Category: 2D universal Turing Machine / Cellular Automata

Programming Language:Java

Project_16: 10/899/1050/1500/322.

Works on: Android, Windows

This program creates the Langton's ant cellular automation. The code includes extended behaviout based on multiple colors

Conway's game of life

Project: Conway's game of life

Category: Cellular Automata

Programming Language:Java

Project_17: 1/8/596/153/24.

Works on: Windows

This program simulates the Conway's game of life - a zero-player game 

Genetic Algorithm

Project: Genetic Algorithm

Category: Optimization

Programming Language:C++

Project_26: 0/01/0/021/0/99.

Works on: Linux

This program solves an optimization problem of finding a shorter path in a 2D maze, using a Genetic Algorithm.

Image Encrypter

Project: Image Encrypter

Category: Optimization

Programming Language: java

Project_27: 0/99/0/156/0/0525.

Works on: Widows, linux

This program encrypts images



Project: Raycaster

Category: 2D Visualization

Programming Language: C++

Project_19: 02/25/310/40/50.

Works on: Windows

This program calculates and renders 2D shadows

Neural Networks

Project:Neural Networks

Category: 2D gaming simulation using neural networks

Programming Language: Java

Works on: Windows

This program uses a neural network and a genetic algorithm to learn, simulate and play a 2D game.

Electric Field Simulation

Electric Field Simulation

Category: Physics simulation and visualization

Programming Language: C++

Works on: Windows

This program simulates and displays the interaction between electric charges.

AI: Neural Networks

Project:AI: Neural Networks

Category: AI

Programming Language: Java

Works on: Windows

This program uses a Neural Network with Genetic Algorithm to learn how to avoid walls and collect circles.

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